"Have no fear! Hall Staff is here!" (said no one ever). All jokes aside, Alumni's hall staff are here to make your dorm life easier. From room issues to asking about what classes you should take, they're here for you. Get to know your RA and the other hall staff! You'll find that they're pretty cool people, seriously.


Jay Verzosa

Room 167
Phone: (574) 631-0904
Email: jay.verzosa@nd.edu
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Bio: In 2019, Jay began his tenure as the 16th Rector of Alumni Hall and is the first layperson to serve in the position. Jay loves to cook, play video games and music, and is an unapologetic fan of Boston sports teams. Like many Dawgs, he graduated from an all-boys Catholic prep school. Jay earned graduate degrees in Counseling Psychology and Pastoral Ministry from Boston College, and is grateful to wear the blue and gold in service of Our Lady's University.

Priests In-Residence

Rev. Daniel Groody, C.S.C.

Room 254
Phone: (574) 631-9042
Email: dgroody@nd.edu
Hometown: Upper Darby, PA
Bio: A former Dawg and now one of Alumni's priests in-residence, Fr. Dan often presides in daily Dawg masses. Outside of Alumni, Fr. Dan is an associate professor of theology and global affairs and the director of the Global Leadership Program within the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, where he is also a faculty fellow. He also serves on the Board of Trustees for the University.

Rev. Gerard (Gerry) Olinger, C.S.C.

Room 354
Phone: (574) 631-7223
Email: golinger@nd.edu
Hometown: Springfield, PA
Bio: Fr. Gerry Olinger, C.S.C., ministers as one of the in-residence priests in Alumni Hall. When not with his fellow Dawgs, he serves in his new position as Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Notre Dame.

Assistant Rectors

Jack Robinson

Room 157
Email: jrobin25@nd.edu
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Bio: Jack is a loyal son of Indianapolis, who graduated Brebeuf Jesuit in the spring of 2015. After graduating from Indiana University in the spring of 2019, he set his sights on Our Lady’s University and has loved every day at Notre Dame Law School. He spent his summer after 1L working under the Chief Legal Officer of the Indianapolis Colts. He loves being a part of Alumni Hall, and getting to know the residents here has been the highlight of his time at Notre Dame.

Austin Graber

Room 267
Email: agraber@nd.edu
Hometown: Ames, IA
Bio: Austin is originally from Ames, Iowa where he also studied Business Economics and Political Science at Iowa State University. He is currently in the last year of his Masters in Business Administration program here at Notre Dame. Feel free to stop by his room if you have any questions, want to chat, or just want to take advantage of some AC!

Resident Assistants

First Floor

Travis Frame


Room 101
Email: tframe@nd.edu
Hometown: Denver, CO / Laguna Hills, CA
Sections: 1 Main/Challey (101-127, 157-167)
Bio: Travis is the only RA that will return to Notre Dame as an undergraduate next year due to his status as an Arkie. Travis is a big movie fan and loves to host movie nights in the dorm and debate about film in general. He hopes to either work for the State Department or go into Production Design for film in order to use architecture in a unique way after next year.

Tim Zielke

Finance, Political Science

Room 134
Email: tzielke2@nd.edu
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Sections: 1 Talley/SA (129-150)
Bio: Tim is a finance and political science major who's excited to work with the blessed dawgs of Alumni Hall! Outside of class, Tim spends his time reading, walking Toph, engaging in business clubs such as SIBC and Unleashed Ventures, playing outdoor dice games with his friends, and gorging on southwest salads at SDH. Tim is an avid learner and is always looking for ways to learn more about the world and to grow as a person.

Second Floor

Clay Talbot

Computer Science, Pre-Med

Room 201
Email: ntalbot2@nd.edu
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Sections: 2 Main/Challey (2-America) (201-227, 254-267)
Bio: Clay is a computer science major, studying with the intent to attend medical school. Outside of schoolwork, he loves volleyball, hiking, and watching movies. After serving as president of the dorm last year, Clay is excited to continue to be a part of Alumni Hall as an RA this year.

Eddie Prein

Economics, Philosophy

Room 234
Email: eprein@nd.edu
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Sections: 2 Talley/SA (228-253)
Bio: As a senior, Eddie often wonders what happened to 2012. Outside of his duties for the Center of the Universe, he can be found being a Firestarter for the GRC, playing tennis, or tutoring. When he has free time, Eddie enjoys hanging with his fellow Dawgs, playing Fifa, and arguing that Indiana must be better than other Notre Dame students claim, as they all chose to come here for college.

Third Floor

Robert Christmann

Political Science, Global Affairs

Room 301
Email: rchrist2@nd.edu
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Sections: 3 Main/Challey (301-327, 354-368)
Bio: Robert Christmann is a political science and global affairs major from New Orleans, Louisiana. Outside of class, he can typically be found wandering the hallowed halls of Alumni trying to avoid work or quad sitting (quitting) in front of the dorm. He also serves with honor as the bug commissioner of Alumni Hall.

Tim Purnell

Civil Engineering, Theology

Room 334
Email: tpurnell@nd.edu
Hometown: Champaign, IL
Sections: 3 Talley/SA (328-353)
Bio: When Tim tells people he studies Civil Engineering and Theology, they often say "What an interesting combo! What do you want to do with that?" What an excellent question. When he's not designing liturgically correct bridges, you can find Tim drinking a cup of tea, singing with the Notre Dame Glee Club, practicing calligraphy, reading a book, or strolling around campus at all hours of the day and night.