Welcome Home

Welcome to the Big Show!

Fr. George Rozum, C.S.C.

We are incredibly excited to welcome you as Blessed Men and Brothers of Alumni Hall!

We hope you’re as excited to be in Alumni as we are. Here’s a video that was put together by this year’s Welcome Weekend staff, and you can see some of the Dawgs that will be moving you in and showing you the ropes. You can read more about them in the Official Book of Alumni Hall. Head over to the Welcome Weekend website if you’re curious about what’s in store for your first few days on campus.

Where is Alumni?

Just drive down Notre Dame Ave towards Main Circle. Alumni Hall is the leftmost of the only two buildings on Main Circle. You can’t miss it. After all, it is the Center of the Universe. When you arrive on campus, there will be many ushers stationed around campus to guide you. If none of the ushers are around, look for the guys in black tank tops.

Moving In

What can I bring? What can’t I bring? Luckily, thousands of students have asked this question before, so Residential Life has made this very handy PDF with this information. Additionally, Residential Life has made a website with all the info you could ever want a including move-in dates, the process, where to park, etc.

Every room in Alumni has a set of modular furniture for each resident. Included in each set is a desk, chair, wardrobe, bed, and ladder.

Mailing and Packages

UPS and FedEx deliver packages directly to your door. USPS and other carriers will deliver it to the mail room, which will then be dropped off at your room by our friendly dorm mailman. You can find letters and smaller items in your mailbox by the Main Circle doors.

DO NOT mail packages to your room before you move in. Various student camps and groups live in Alumni over the summer, and we cannot guarantee that your mail will be there when you move in.

For addressing purposes, the United States Postal Service (USPS) requires you to use the following format:

Room ###
100 Alumni Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556-5603

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